Guess what! Did you know there is a national holiday for just about everything you can think of? There are the holidays that are acknowledged by the federal government. Then, there are plethoras of holidays that are for raising awareness about a particular topic and others that are purely for fun. For example, September 18th is Rice Krispy Treat Day and the day after that is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Not Your Typical National Holiday

These obscure national holidays are created by people for various reasons.  Some catch on and some fall by the wayside. National Try Something New Day was started in 2013 by a group called Successify. While it is challenging to find recent information about this particular national day of celebration, there are other organizations that have started their own versions for their own special reasons. When you consider the health benefits of learning new things, a special day dedicated to the practice is actually a good idea. Tracking these whimsical days of celebration began in North Dakota.

There are a few websites that list these odd holidays and several more that discuss the origins of such frivolity. There are 10 specific federal holidays recognized by the United States. Christmas and Independence Day are two of the biggest. There are an additional 44 government-sanctioned observances. Flag Day and Mother’s Day fall into this category.

Creating a National Holiday

Stories behind such celebrations as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are interesting. One person’s idea and faith can lead to the observance of a particular day. Don’t even think about creating a federal holiday. It’s not going to happen, but with enough interest, you could start a movement to create a national holiday. When you look into the origins of some of the better-known but unofficial national celebrations, you often find humble beginnings. Most of them started with someone who decided to try something new!

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