Most people are familiar with the ads on television that alert consumers to certain medical products or procedures which have caused harm to some of the individuals who have used them. Consumers have the right to expect medical products that have been approved by the FDA to be safe; however, some of these approved products have been known to cause personal injury to some individuals.


In some instances, there have been recalls on medical products which have been found to either have defective parts or to be defective. When several consumers report problems with a product, the company proposes a correction or removal. When a product needs to be removed, it is pulled from the places where it is used or sold. If a correction needs to be made, it is made within the place that the product is used or sold.

Recalls are made by the FDA when the correction or removal involves a problem with the product that violates FDA law. If the product is a health risk or defective or both, it is recalled. Manufacturers may, under certain circumstances, elect to recall all products in the line, or only certain models or a particular group or lot of items.


The FDA does publish a list of recalls on a regular basis. Recalled products are listed in the Medical Device Recall Database. This list is updated whenever a recall is made and when one is terminated. Serious problems with a product may be announced through public notices.

Patients who have been injured by using a medical product should consult with their doctor as soon as possible. They also need to contact their insurance company to find out what costs will be covered and what their financial responsibility will be. The patient should also contact an attorney who can determine if their losses due to a personal injury can be recovered.

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