Challenges seem to pile up when you have been involved in an accident. When the accident results in lost wages, life can become daunting, because the bills don’t stop coming in. You need to explore all your options until you can begin to recover lost wages.

Identifying the Options

Fortunately, if it’s a car accident that is causing the grief, you are covered under your Personal Injury Protection. If you are not at fault and sustained injuries in the crash, your PIP can be used to recover lost wages. If you have received injuries as a result of an on-the-job accident, you are entitled to workers compensation. You will be able to recover some of your lost wages through workers comp.

You may also recover lost wages through a settlement or an award after a trial. Be advised it may be a long time before these payments become available. Court cases can take months and, in some cases, years. In the meantime, bills still need to be paid.


You will need documentation in order to accurately determine the amount needed to recover lost wages. Calculations take everything into account. You will need to fill out forms stating your inability to work. This will include a detailed statement from your doctor explaining your injuries and why they prevent you from working. You will also need a pay stub or some proof of income. A Wage and Salary Verification form is also necessary. This will be filled out by your employer and given to the insurance company.

Receiving Payments for Lost Wages

After the forms are filled out and submitted, your PIP will begin sending you payments to recover lost wages on a bi-weekly basis. Remember, PIP only covers so much. If you are expecting the other person’s insurance to make payments, be advised this will not happen until after a settlement is reached and finalized.

Representation to Help Recover Lost Wages

Receiving fair compensation to recover lost wages is important. The best way to ensure you will be fairly compensated is to secure the services of a personal injury lawyer you can trust to work on your behalf. There are mill law firms who work quickly to get settlements. These settlements may work for some in the short run, but they are not necessarily fair compensation for all losses incurred by the accident.

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